Most Popular Names of Newborns

by | October 20, 2020

Are you thinking of a name for a newborn or newborn baby?
Here you will find the latest top 10 list by name. Alice is the most common girl name and William has again been top among the boy names. But we have some bubbles – Maryam and Matteo are the names that increased the most in 2017.

In 2017, Alice was by far the most popular name among newborn Swedish girls. Alice came in among the ten most common names in 2005 and now holds first place for the sixth time in thirteen years. The name was given to 888 girls in 2017, Statistics Sweden reports. Alicia in second place is for the third time among the ten most common names for newborns. Third place is Olivia, the name climbs from seventh place and is in the top ten for the sixth time.

Most popular names of newborns

Among the boys, William has taken back first place and pegged Oscar to second place. William comes in first place for the seventh time, and has won first place most times since 1998. Since the name statistics started in 1998, Oscar has been the only name that has been among the ten most common boy names each year and only three times has the name been out of the top three. Liam ended up in third place.

Most common names 2017 (nickname, newborn)

Placement 2016 in parentheses



1. Alice (1) 1. William (3)
2. Alicia (6) 2. Oscar (1)
3. Olivia (7) 3. Liam (4)
4. Ella (5) 4. Lucas (2)
5. Ebba (9) 5. Oliver (5)
6. Lilly (2) 6. Alexander (7)
7. Astrid (15) 7. Elijah (8)
8. History (11) 8. Hugo (6)
9. Freja (13) 9. Noah (10)
10. Wilma (10) 10. Adam (11)

A name can be spelled in several ways and some names have many different spellings. In the leaderboards for newborns, different spellings of a name are counted as the same name. That is, children who, for example, have the name Wilma or Vilma, are reported together.

New names on the list

Seven new names were added to the girls’ Top 100 in 2017; Maryam, Hedvig, Mira, Zoey, Idun, Melina and Noomi. Maryam was the name that ranked highest on the list, ranking 78th with 177 named girls. The names that left the new ones were Adele, Nathalie, Emmy, Linn, Elina, Tilda and Novalie.

The new names of the boys’ Top 100 were Levi, Vide and Neo. Of those names, Levi and Vide ranked highest, with 141 named boys finishing the names in shared 98th place. The names that left the list were Edward, Rasmus and Mio.