Mauritania Market Entry

By | July 23, 2022


  • Market entry
  • Forms and conditions of operation on the market
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Issues of intellectual property protection
  • Public procurement market
  • Payment terms, payment ethics and resolution of commercial disputes
  • Visas, fees, specific conditions of travel to the territory
  • Employment of citizens from the Czech Republic
  • Fairs and events

Market entry

Potentially interested in operating on the Moroccan market should first visit Mauritania and discuss their investment plans with the relevant authorities. Familiarize yourself with the administrative conditions and incentive options for foreign investors.

The best entry strategy is to establish contact with a local partner or a business partner who already has experience in doing business in Mauritania. It is also important to take into account the language equipment. The business language is French or Arabic. Check smber for agriculture and fishing facts of Mauritania.

Forms and conditions of operation on the market

The ideal way to operate on the market is with a local representative. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the possible sales representative, his economic activities and local reputation in detail.

Marketing and communication

In Mauritania, the market for marketing services, in our view, is only slowly emerging. The young generation widely uses Instagram, which also serves to promote companies and their services and products.

Issues of intellectual property protection

Background information and intellectual property issues in Mauritania can be found at

Public procurement market

State contracts are divided into three categories.

  1. a) large development projects over USD 10 million. Mostly financed by multinational funds and banks such as the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, etc.
  2. b) development projects concerning medium and small projects
  3. c) public procurement related to small projects under USD 1 million

Public contracts A) and B) awarded through international public tenders.

Contracts C) are carried out by mutual agreement without public competition.

The responsible body is the National Commission for the Control of Public Procurement. Site link-

Payment terms, payment ethics and resolution of commercial disputes

There is no known case of expropriation of property of a foreign entity in the country in recent years. Nationalization or expropriation is explicitly excluded by the Investment Act, with the exception of “national interest”. This code also indicates the main options for resolving commercial disputes between a foreign and a Mauritanian party – in the first place, the contractual terms apply, if they cannot be applied or are not precise enough, arbitration is resorted to and only then to the local judicial institution.

However, it is not possible to work out an exact model for resolving disputes, as parties with different approaches and connections are always interested in disputes. Small disputes are usually resolved with the relevant department of the Ministry or with the help of local arbitration created ad hoc for the given case. Disputes can also be referred to court, but this happens relatively rarely.

Visas, fees, specific conditions for traveling to the territory

To enter Mauritania, a citizen of the Czech Republic must be equipped with a passport valid for at least 6 months after entering Mauritania and a Mauritanian visa affixed to it. It is not possible to obtain a visa at the border upon entering the country. Visa applications should be directed to the Mauritanian Embassy in Berlin.

Employment of citizens from the Czech Republic

Foreign employees must have a valid residence permit and work permit. For local workers, the employment conditions are governed by the Labor Code (No. 2004-015). The employment relationship is of two types – fixed-term (it can be extended twice by 2 years) and indefinite. The average gross monthly salary is MRO 40,000 (approx. EUR 125). Mauritania has almost no health care network, with the exception of the capital Nouakchott and the economic center Nouadhibou, where at least basic health care can be found if necessary. Due to the very limited telephone network, emergency telephone numbers are not always operational in Mauritania. Mauritania has an international dialing code of +222.

Fairs and events

According to available information, no international fairs are held in Mauritania.

Mauritania Market Entry