Malnutrition in The Womb Favors Obesity

Within the Congress of the Spanish society of basic and applied nutrition (SENBA) has also made to hear medical specialist in human nutrition, Jordi Salas-Salvadó, concerning the malnutrition in utero, as he recalled that in addition to the risks of health and development of the future baby, is predisposed to suffer from obesity in adulthood, because the lack of food in the first months of life within the uterus cause changes in metabolism, what little swallows becomes glucose for immediate use or to book it in the form of fats.

Salas also explained that especially disadvantaged populations who have suffered an economic transition of market and who were born with low weight by suffering from malnutrition in the womb, are also more likely to develop, in addition to obesity, diabetes mellitus type 2, congenital hyperinsulinism, high blood pressure, asthma or cardiovascular disease, since this transition has changed them lifestyle to work their fields and eat healthy food, have other jobs less effort and less access according to that power.
Anyway, there is who has not suffered malnutrition in the womb and still eating bit fattening much, this is genetic predisposition, according to this doctor, should meet two requirements to be obese, one are the genes and the other access to food.

Food is an issue that worries, since that is brewing a baby can be predisposing him to develop future illnesses. We could say that the main thing is to have a healthy family is begin to take care of feeding oneself, what you convey to your baby when found in your womb together with the example that you give him since she is born and throughout his life, he can guarantee a very favourable health status.