Makeup Tricks To Disguise The Signs Of Pregnancy

Use makeup to your favor and learn how to disguise the puffiness of the face during pregnancy

Between the various transformations that occur in the body of the mother-to-be during pregnancy, swelling in the face is a common feature in this phase. This is because the skin is thinner and more susceptible to increased liquids when the woman earns a few extra pounds over the nine months.

The signs of pregnancy in the face begin to appear in recent months, leaving the more swollen eyelids, nose and cheeks bounced. Some women in this situation, they just missed his own face. It is worth remembering that the swelling after giving birth and losing a few extra pounds, the face back to normal, but it takes a little patience.

And for those moms who want to feel good when the baby arrives, the tip is to use some tricks of makeup to disguise the signs of pregnancy. Learn some tips to minimize swelling of the face.

Cover The Rounded Face

To disguise the rounded face, prepare the skin using the base according to your skin type. Then, apply powder a little bit darker than your natural skin color in the outline of the face to give the impression of thinner face. The blush applied diagonally cheek also helps ease the strokes.

Relieve Swollen Eyelids

Swollen eyelids usually appear at the bottom of the bag-shaped eyes, which accentuates the eyes. To disguise the puffiness and relieve the dark spots under the eyes, apply concealer either in the upper as bottom of eyes giving light taps right to ensure that the product will cover the area. Then apply a little powder to give a natural appearance and velvety skin.

Disguise A Double Chin

The region between the neck and the neck, known as double chin, is the main part of the face in which appear the first signs of pregnancy. To make the double chin look smaller, cover spreading compact two tone more than the nature of your skin with a specific brush just at the tip of the Chin and beneath him, always in small quantities so as not to seem artificial.

Soften The Swollen Nose And Wide

With the full and rounded face, the nose is more swollen, wide and rounded tip. To disguise the nose “chips”, the trick is to apply the concealer with a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Deposit a little base in the region and the Compact with a shade darker than your face to give the impression of thinner nose.

Reduce Your Cheeks Bounced

To relieve the cheeks bounced just use a terracotta blush and know how to apply correctly on the cheekbones. With a wide brush, pass the blush softly on the diagonal of the face, always in the direction from the inside out (from the corner of the lip towards the temples).

Smaller Lips

To achieve the effect of mouth less, the tip is to delete the outline of your lips with concealer and then use a bit of face powder. With a light-colored lipstick, retrace the outline about of 2 mm smaller than the original size of the mouth and give him the finishing with a lipstick with matte effect.