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By | May 3, 2022

Macao (Aomyn) is the oldest European settlement located on a small peninsula on the coast of the South China Sea, in the Pearl River Valley. It includes the peninsula itself and two islands – Taipa and Coloen. For a long time, Macau was the Asian seat of the Roman Catholic Church ( “Vatican of Asia” ). Hence – such an abundance of churches, which in Macau per 1 square. km more than in the real Vatican. The very name of the city remained Macao as a legacy from the Portuguese. According to legend, when the Portuguese first landed in China, they met a peasant and asked him what the name of this land was. But the peasant did not understand them and said “Macao” – the name of the temple standing in front of him. This mistake became fatal in the fate of the peninsula: for more than 400 years it has been called Macau.

Macau has long been the center of the gambling business, and with its return to China at the end of the 20th century, nothing has changed. Moreover, every year the number of casinos grows in proportion to the growth of the local population and the seasonal influx of tourists to Macau. Today, more than 20 gambling houses operate on the Macau Peninsula. The city itself is referred to as “Monte Carlo of the East”.

Macau will delight architecture lovers. Here, the styles of East and West are intricately intertwined – the legacy of the colonialists and the local population. At the same time, Macau is small, and the sights of its mainland are easy to get around on foot. Don’t forget your camera: Macau has a lot to capture on film. Popular places to visit: Monti Fortress, Guia Fort, Art Museum and Cultural Center, Senate building. From the religious sights of Macau: the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the temple of A-Ma, the church of San Domingos and the Museum of Religions. And if you find yourself on the Macau Peninsula in a company and your interests are suddenly divided, there is entertainment for everyone.

Macau is a gourmet paradise. A mixture of European and Asian culinary schools has led to the formation of an amazing and unique local cuisine, within which everyone can pick up something to their liking. In Macau, you can taste Indian, Italian, Japanese and, of course, Chinese dishes. The influence of Portuguese cuisine is still great. Try, for example, the popular bacalhau Рbaked cod Рor caldo verdi Рa thick cold soup with vegetables, meat and olive oil. The famous traditional dish is dim sum dumplings. They are sold everywhere and with a variety of fillings. You can try local culinary delights on one of the restaurant streets РPraia Grande or Rua do Almirante S̩rgioin Рor on Largo do Senado square. Be careful: the cuisine in Macau has been heavily influenced by African and Indian culinary traditions, so most of the dishes are spicy and, most importantly, spicy.

A few words about the weather in Macau. The climate of the territory can be classified as subtropical maritime, with cool winters and warm, rainy summers. The best time to visit Macau is in autumn (October to December), when it is not as humid as in summer, but still warm. Macau is focused on tourism and services. Here is a first-class network of hotels, restaurants, entertainment establishments with a high level of service.

If you decide to buy a Macau tour or just visit the city during your trip to China (from Hong Kong to Macau, for example, it takes only 45 minutes), we are sure that you will not regret your choice. Have a good trip!

Macau Information