Landmarks of Greenland

By | April 20, 2022

You can enrich yourself culturally in the capital of Greenland, the town of Nuuk, which is also one of the smallest capitals in the world. According to simplyyellowpages, of greatest interest in Nuuk are the old quarters of Kolonihavnen, here it is worth visiting the Arctic Garden, Egede House, Savur Church Church, Bradteth Meat Market, Hans Egged Church, Ilisimatusarfiik University and Seminary, as well as Kayak Club and Queen Margrethe Memorial. Separately, it is worth mentioning the most interesting National Museum of Greenland and the National Archive of Relics and Documents attached to it. His age is already 286 years. The museum tells and clearly demonstrates the history of the island up to 4.5 thousand years ago! In the National Museum you can see traditional costumes, folk instruments, a mummy from Kilakitsok (XIV-XV century), geological finds and much more. Not to be missed in the Greenlandic capital are the art museum on the Baffin Sea, the Katuak Cultural Center with an art school, a cinema and the NAPA Polar Institute, the Santa Claus house with a post office and a special office, and the house of Nils Linges, a famous painter and priest of Greenland. However, the main attraction in Greenland is the wealth of nature, this is an impressive heritage that foreign visitors will remember forever. Even in the capital, the very center of the Greenlandic civilization, you can see the scale and beauty of the local nature. Visit the stunning Vail Watching Spot to the north for views of the endless sea and flocks of whales, Marina Igia, the only marina above the Arctic Circle, and the Ororuac (Klöften) natural area with ski trails close to the airport. Greenland is known for the largest and most inaccessible nature reserve in the world, which, by the way, is included in the list of Biosphere Reserves of World Importance by UNESCO. It is located in the northeast of Greenland and has been closed to outside researchers for many years. Thanks to the efforts of UNESCO, the national park managed to preserve the relict tundra zone, in which the rarest species of arctic plants grow and many endangered animal species, including polar wolves, musk oxen and polar bears, live. Disko Bay is another fabulous place in Greenland on the west coast of the island. Its shores are hidden under massive covers of eternal ice cliffs in the realm of blue radiance. Passing by a boat past the most beautiful snowy landscapes, you can get inside the bay and enjoy its majestic beauty. Seeing the sunset here is the best What to do while traveling in Greenland. The Rocky Mountains in the east of Greenland are a unique place with inimitable landscapes, when the boat passes them, it captures the soul from the purest fresh air, the bizarre forms of ice cliffs created by nature over thousands of years, and, of course, from the color. You won’t find such pure and subtle natural colors as here. Once on the shores of the Turquoise Lake, you will not believe your eyes, no high-tech device can create a color of such brightness and depth. Formed by the mixing of melted glacial water, Turquoise Lake, surrounded by sheer ice cliffs, seems completely unearthly. Not the most familiar attraction, but extremely interesting in Greenland can be called the Northern Lights. Not a secret, that the island is the best place on the planet to admire this unique natural phenomenon, because the Arctic Circle passes right through the southern part of Greenland. The Northern Lights is a collision of charged particles, causing the human eye to see a magical shimmering color gradient with green, blue, blue, reddish, white and other hues.

National cuisine of Greenland

The traditional cuisine of Greenland may seem to Russians and Europeans rather barbaric and inedible at all, since since ancient times it has not provided for the heat treatment of products at all. Seal meat, whale fat and other “goodies” were consumed fresh or frozen. The vast majority of dishes are completely unaesthetic and excessively rich in protein and fat, but this is precisely what saves the locals in such harsh climatic conditions. Nevertheless, recently the Greenlandic cuisine has been changing under the influence of civilization and active tourism, more and more European restaurants and even fast food restaurants are opening here. Most foreigners are not at all able to eat the local Greenlandic cuisine, however, if there are daredevils, they start their acquaintance with Greenland from the three most famous dishes: lightly dried fresh caribou reindeer meat, boiled seal meat with onions and rice, as well as whale skin with fat – “mattak”. Over the centuries, the Greenlanders have learned to harvest their fish and seafood in all sorts of ways, here they are salted, fermented, dried, baked in ash and, of course, eaten raw and fresh. The local cuisine is rich in amazing delicacies like shark meat and shark fins, dried halibut, seabird eggs, cod liver and more. A favorite drink in Greenland is black tea, and more often black tea with the addition of milk, fat, salt and spices. No less popular is deer milk, as well as the fresh blood of marine mammals. Of the local alcohol, or rather alcoholic cocktails, it is worth highlighting the branded Greenland coffee “caffemic”, which consists of coffee, sugar,


The most popular flight option to Greenland is from Denmark with Air Greenland, which flies from Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq in the southern part of the island and to Kangerlussuaq in the west of Greenland. From Iceland to Greenland you can get flights of Air Iceland (Icelandair), flights from Reykjavik go to Kulusuk (Kulusuk) and Nerlerit Inaat (Nerlerit Inaat) in the east of the island, as well as to Ilulissat, Narsarsuaq and Nuyk in the summer. Due to the peculiarities of the relief and weather conditions, there are no roads and railways in Greenland. Intercity transport is provided by the aircraft of the local company Air Greenland, serving 50 passengers each with small Dash-7 aircraft flying 4-5 kilometers above the ground, as well as helicopters, which are available only in the south of the island. Ships are an equally popular transport in Greenland, between April and December, the Sarfaq Ittuk ship runs between the cities of Narsarsuaq (Narsarsuaq) in the south of Greenland and Ilulissat (Ilulissat) in the north. Disko Line organizes passenger ships from Disko Bay. The most favorite transport of Greenland tourists is dog sledding, which in this place is not just an exotic entertainment, but a severe necessity.

Landmarks of Greenland