Krabi, Thailand Information

By | May 3, 2022

Krabi Province is located in the southwest of Thailand. It includes the mainland and many nearby islands. Distance from the capital Bangkok is about 800 kilometers. The airport is located here, which makes it more accessible for many travelers. The transparent Andaman Sea, snow-white beaches, the unique nature of the National Parks, beautiful waterfalls, caves of stalactites and stalagmites Рall this makes Krabi a favorite vacation spot for tourists from all over the world. The capital of the province is the city of Krabi. The local population lives here, administrative buildings, schools, offices and shops are located. According to, Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand.

Krabi is the most beautiful province of Southern Thailand, a country of a thousand islands, once Phuket was part of the province of Krabi, and the famous Phi Phi Islands are now part of Krabi.

Such famous Hollywood films as “In Search of Adventure” (with Jean-Claude Van Damme) and “Tomorrow Never Dies” from the James Bond series (with Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Yeoh) were filmed in Krabi.

The pristine beauty of the white coral beaches will leave indelible impressions of these islands in your memory.

The sea part of the province of Krabi is about a hundred islands, famous for their snow-white beaches, bizarre karst breaks, the richest underwater world and unforgettable sunsets. A speed boat will take you to the hospitable shores in just 1 hour. The islands of Krabi are not yet very developed by tourists arriving in Phuket, therefore they have retained their untouched pristine nature. One of the brightest places in Krabi is the protected island of Koh Hong, its secluded Pelai bay with white sand and wild beach, crystal clear water, also known as the “bay of a thousand fish” – will certainly be one of the best memories of your vacation. in Phuket.

The main attractions of Krabi are nature reserves. Near the capital of the province of Krabi town, you can see the mangroves along the banks of the river. To do this, just book a boat tour of Krabi.

The most famous is Railay Bay, where fantastic cliffs and coconut plantations are combined with the emerald water of the Andaman Sea. It is called a land island, since it is separated from the mainland by impregnable rocks, and communication with it is possible only by sea. Near the islands of Hen and Poda, at low tide, the famous landmark of Krabi appears above the surface of the water – a 300-meter sandy spit, which offers stunning views of both the islands themselves and the rocks of Cape Railay located in the distance.

The emerald lake Sri Morakot, 70 km from Ao Nang, is fed by water from thermal springs. Both locals and tourists enjoy swimming in it. You will find the thermal waters themselves 500 m deep into the jungle (the road, however, is quite convenient). Anyone can take a thermal bath.

Khao Panom Bencha Natural Park is located just 20 km from the administrative center and there are regular excursions to Krabi. Beautiful waterfalls flow down from the Five Bows mountain, which looks like a praying person and gave its name to the reserve. The most interesting of them, Nam Tok Huai To, looks like a staircase with eleven steps.

More excursions to Krabi can offer tourists to visit the huge park Than Bokkohorranoccupying more than 100 square meters. km, and which by nature is intended for mountaineering. Limestone cliffs in the middle of thickets create ideal conditions for rock climbing. Inside the rocks there are caves that invariably attract the attention of tourists. You can get into them on foot, accompanied by a guide, and in some – only by boat, such as, for example, striking in its size Tham Phi Hu To. Here are perfectly preserved drawings of primitive people.

Klong Mueang is a beautiful beach on the west coast. There are restaurants, small shops and hotels. The infrastructure is extremely poorly developed and rest here is suitable for lovers of solitude.

Ao Nang – the most popular beach, is a kind of tourist center. There are many shops, beauty salons, restaurants, travel agencies. Hotels are presented for every taste – from chic 5 * to modest 3 *. Almost all of them are located across the road from the sea, as a wide street – a promenade – runs along the embankment. Ao Nang is a favorite vacation spot for couples with children, as there is practically no nightlife and entertainment.

Tonsai – this beach is a mecca for mountaineering enthusiasts. All year round, young people from all over the world explore the impregnable cliffs here. On the beach there are restaurants with live music and varied cuisine, as well as chill-out bars. Hotels on Tonsai bungalow type.

Cape Rayleigh is a unique beach that can only be reached by boat. The Rayavadee beach located here is one of the ten most beautiful places on Earth. Hotels 4-5 * have impeccable service and have everything you need for a luxurious holiday.

Krabi, Thailand Information