Infant Formula

by | November 30, 2020

The infant formula available in the trade is nutritionally a good alternative to breast milk when you cannot, or do not want to, breastfeed. Like when, for practical reasons, you want to combine breastfeeding with bottle compensation.

The infant formula is made from cow’s milk as a base with the addition of vegetable oils and other substances to mimic breast milk in its composition as far as possible. Do not try to mix into “own” breast milk substitute for cow’s milk – it can never be as good nutritionally as the industrial one.

Infant formula

Proximity to the parent is important

There are breast milk substitutes recommended for the first six months and others for infants older than six months, so-called supplements.

You can provide compensation throughout the first year if it suits the child. There are also special allowances for children with various indigestion and allergies. If you feel unsure and need advice and support, you can always contact your child care center.

Bottle-fed children may experience proximity as well as breast-fed children if they have skin and eye contact, as well as small talk during the meal. But do not leave the child alone with the bottle.
If your child is satisfied and increases in weight as expected, the child will receive enough food.

Breast milk substitutes are available as a powder to mix with water but also as ready-to-drink, which can be handy to take with you on trips.

To think about:

  • Follow the instructions on the packaging for the preparation of the infant formula.
  • Wash your hands and use clean bottles and pacifiers.
  • Use cold tap water, mix the powder with water in the bottle and heat. Cooked compensation can also be heated in the microwave.
  • Do not prepare replacement with hot water directly from the tap, as the metal copper from the pipes can be dissolved in the hot water.
  • If you are not sure of the quality of the water, boil or heat the water to at least 70 degrees.
  • Mix the right amount of powder with stretched dimensions = dosing spoons.
  • Taste yourself and control the temperature by dropping a little of the replacement on the inside of the wrist.
  • Cooked remuneration, which should not be given directly, should be cooled down quickly under running water and stored in a refrigerator. Heating to ether temperature can take place in a water bath or in a microwave.
  • Never save compensation left in the bottle from a target.
  • Be sure to wash the bottles. Wash first in cold water, then in warm. Cook for 5-10 minutes under cover. Air dry.