I Don’t Want This Belly! -Help for Pregnant Women with Eating Disorders

The most expectant mothers are happy when the baby bump is growing bigger. This is, however, quite different in women with an eating disorder: you feel anyway too thick, no matter how slim they are in reality. And now they are increasing inexorably and be visibly round…

Sufficient nutrients and fluid – for a healthy development

Often, the affected women tell that they have the feeling, impossible to can – eat more no matter how much or little it makes in terms of calorie. On the contrary, they feel the urge to get off her stomach and dieting to stay as slim. The growing child, but in any case sufficient nutrients and fluid needed to develop in a timely manner.

By the way: Here the speech is not only of women suffering from anorexia. These have a very low weight and not fat due to their constant extreme starvation. It may even be that completely exposes her period – for all these reasons a pregnancy is already purely physically seldom possible. If a woman with anorexia nervosa is still pregnant, she, too, in addition to the medical urgent psychotherapeutic support needs.

Important support: experienced therapists can help

But what to do when your own body awareness and meet the needs of the babies so much opposition? It makes sense in any case open this conflict to deal with, even within the family. It’s not like when the ill woman of desire and whim would be. On the contrary, these pregnant women are in a very stressful situation. Therefore it is also very important to entrust themselves to the supervising physician of the woman or the gynecologist: support from a therapist that is experienced with the topic of food noise vibrations is usually very helpful. And fastest expectant mothers get an appointment if your doctor early transfers them to a practice and best yet by phone gets stuck after our experience there. Finally, it is also to the baby and its development.

Most therapists recommend among others so-called food contracts to relax the situation. These agreements help to give a controlled structure the eating habits and to overcome bad habits. Again women with eating disorders experience’s, by the way, that her pregnancy can certainly make a positive break: the thought of her baby and needs help to get used to getting adequate food.

Consequences of an eating disorder

There is her baby but unfortunately also cases where it is not possible a werdendene mother for some change. This can be dangerous for both, therefore, medical attention is necessary also stationary, essential. For example, it is important that the electrolyte balance functions. Otherwise it can cause osteoporosis or heart diseases. Children, whose mothers are permanently unable to eat in pregnancy are usually smaller. Her head is less, they show have a delayed development and often large adjustment disorders after their birth.