Hair Loss While Breast-Feeding – No Need to Worry

Again and again I experience, that women are concerned after the birth of their child in that more and more hair fall out. What is because come on, breastfeeding saps the body maybe too much?

Luckily I can assure you there: the hair loss after pregnancy is part of the normal conversion process. It is a sign that your body processes the birth and the hormonal changes is not yet completed.

In addition, that the hair in the most pregnant women are strong and lush. Unfortunately, the so gained part of the hair fails after birth, when the estrogen level drops again. Within six to eight months the hair change back to normal then. In other words, the balance between dropouts and growing hair again reached the usual level.

In my experience it is very different, how much hair loss is noticeable after pregnancy at all. He’s usually hardly noticeable women who have anyway very lush hair. Understandably, the women, whose Haar by nature is not so dense worry more.

If you want to, you can take zinc and iron, to support healthy hair growth. Also silicea (Reformhaus) helps to strengthen hair and nails. Some women swear by nettle tea; However, you should discuss with your midwife, how much you should drink while breastfeeding.

Skin and hair by the way often also very strongly react how we feel as a whole: stress and dissatisfaction is often negatively. Also it is worth if you ever again once to think and draw strength. Treat to the necessary breaks quietly, to rest, to indulge a little and maintain.