Guinea-Bissau Market Entry

By | July 23, 2022


  • Market entry
  • Forms and conditions of operation on the market
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Issues of intellectual property protection
  • Public procurement market
  • Payment terms, payment ethics and resolution of commercial disputes
  • Visas, fees, specific conditions of travel to the territory
  • Employment of citizens from the Czech Republic
  • Fairs and events

Market entry

According to, Guinea-Bissau is a small market, characterized by low purchasing power and higher competition from cheap imports. Establishing a relationship with a local, reliable partner (importer, distributor, representative) with good contacts is a necessary condition for successful business. A number of local graduates of Czech universities can also be used.

Forms and conditions of operation on the market

Prior approval from the Ministry of Trade must be obtained in order to conduct any commercial activity in Guinea-Bissau, including foreign trade. Businesses must obtain a trade permit and the import or export of all products must be notified in advance to the same ministry in order to collect statistics to monitor the flow of goods and foreign exchange. Since 2011, customs clearance procedures have been basically automated based on the ASYCUDA++ system. However, the system server does not accept declarations outside of business hours and its operations are often interrupted by power outages. After the creation of the Center for Company Formation (Centro para formalizariam de empresas, CFE: “one-stop shop”), created under the tech. contribution from the World Bank (South-South Experience Exchange Facility Trust Fund/international Development Association), International Finance Corporation, UNDP, EU and AfDB, in May 2011, last steps to start a company instead of the previous 216 days (theoretically) a week at most. After registering the business company names on Městská obch. chamber (Certidão negativa de denominação social, duration: day, costs: Certidão negativa, Escritura publica, Certidão notarial, Publicação, Declaração de actividades, clk.77.745 FCFA), opening of banks. account and deposit min. deposit (takes 1 day, no costs), presentation of the company’s statute, obtaining a license (Certidão de Matricula) and tax identification number (Número de identificación fiscal, NIF) (takes 3 days, fee 47,212 FCFA) is at the Guinea-Bissau Ministry of Public administration (Ministério da funcción publica de trabalho y da reforma do estado) and social administration. security (Instituto national de providencia social) the company must be registered with regard to either employment relations (duration: 2 days, free of charge). Guinea-Bissau (despite the establishment of the CFE, to speed up procedures, reduce costs and capture a larger number of companies in the formal sector) due to internal politics. the situation is still occupied by the low bars of St. Doing Business ranking (178th out of 183 countries).

Marketing and communication

For marketing research, it is possible to use the company’s services:

list of marketing agencies for Guinea-Bissau

It is possible to publish an advertisement in a local newspaper, however, due to the low level of education, advertisements in the daily press have costs, or irregular publications, only limited reach.:

Guine BissauGazeta de Noticias

Advertising on radio and television has the greatest impact: Guinea-Bissau National Radio and TelevisionRTP-AfricaRadio PindjiguitiRadio Nacional

Issues of intellectual property protection

The government of Guinea-Bissau solves the basic existential problems of the population, the protection of intellectual property is not among the executive priorities. Guinea-Bissau signed the Bangui Agreement (1977) establishing the African Organization for Intellectual Property (OAPI). The Directorate General for Industrial Property within the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Natural Resources acts as the National Contact Group (SNL) with OAPI. Its main task is to forward applications for the registration of industrial property titles filed in Guinea-Bissau to the OAPI. It also coordinates activities aimed at raising awareness of the importance of registering industrial property rights in Guinea-Bissau. It still faces financial difficulties in organizing its awareness-raising activities and in strengthening cooperative ties. Guinea Copyright (Société Guineense de Autores (SGA)), which has the status of a private company, is responsible for managing copyright and related rights. It has about 400 members, mostly musicians. A long period of social and political instability in Guinea-Bissau has undermined effective copyright protection. According to the authorities, no anti-piracy measures were taken during the review period. SGA’s activities are limited to providing information and efforts to promote awareness of copyright issues.

Guinea-Bissau Market Entry