Dizziness In Pregnancy Is Normal? 4 Tips To Ease The Symptoms

One Of The Causes Of Dizziness In Pregnancy Is Due To The Action Of Hormones (Estrogen And Progesterone), These Hormones Alter Blood Pressure What Makes The Woman Feel A Little Dizzy.

dizziness during gravidezQuando the woman get pregnant your whole body goes through numerous changes, which are a way to prepare for arrival of the unborn child. Some of these changes are perceived due to your symptoms, such as dizziness, a very frequent symptom, especially in the early months of pregnancy.

And dizziness is a symptom as common among pregnant women that, formerly, was regarded as the first sign that the Stork would visit the family very soon.

Dizziness during pregnancy

The dizziness usually happens in the first few months of pregnancy due to the increased blood circulation in the body of the woman, who happens to meet the needs of the baby being raised.

Dizziness in pregnancy also often appear during the second trimester of pregnancy, when the uterus grows even further, compressing the veins of the woman’s abdomen, which can cause lightheadedness and dizziness sporadic.

dizziness in pregnancy 1

Be sure to feed and not skip meals, can have peaks of hypoglycemia and trigger dizziness

Other factors that cause dizziness in pregnancy

Another factor that tends to trigger dizziness in pregnancy is hypoglycemia, whichhappens due to low blood sugar, especially when the woman spends many hourswithout feeding or fasting for performing tests.

Hot days, stood up too quickly out of bed, low water and liquid intake during theday, and strong emotions also often trigger dizziness during pregnancy.

dizziness in pregnancy

Avoid getting out of bed quickly

How to avoid dizziness during pregnancy

The symptoms of dizziness during pregnancy tend to be well passengers, but it’s always good to take some measures to avoid that they become frequent, like these:

  1. Don’tget out of bed too quickly, especially when you wake up. Instead, breathedeeply a few minutes for the blood to circulate in the whole body, and so the dizziness doesn’t show up;
  2. Eatin smaller intervals, to prevent hypoglycemia. This power may be made withfruits, which are easier to digest, and can be taken up in the bag;
  3. Drink plenty of water andfluids during the day, especially in warmer weather;
  4. At the first signof dizziness, sit down somewhere, in order to prevent falls that may bring risks to your health and the health of the baby.

And if the symptoms are frequent, talk to your doctor, who will perform more tests to diagnose the cause of dizziness during pregnancy, and will recommend the appropriate treatment.

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