Diabetes Control throughout Pregnancy

by | June 23, 2020

Like most other toddler parents, Sarina Eklund is fully healthy in addition to various colds and headaches. But in conjunction with her two pregnancies, she suffered from pregnancy diabetes.

When Sarina was 27, she became pregnant for the first time. Nine months later, Amanda was born. The pregnancy went well except for the pregnancy diabetes report that Sarina received during her first visit to the midwife in week ten. The blood test showed an increased value of blood sugar and after a proper glucose control where Sarina drank a sugar solution and careful tests on the blood were done, the changes were true.

Diabetes Control throughout Pregnancy

– I was scared almost every time I took syringes, but otherwise it went very well, says Sarina. I learned how to plan the food and to always carry with me the insulin and the device that measured blood sugar.

Blood sugar value – syringe – blood sugar value

An ordinary day for Sarina started by testing her blood sugar value, taking a syringe before breakfast, checking the value after breakfast, taking the value again before lunch, taking syringe, taking the value after lunch, taking the value before dinner, taking the syringe, taking the value after dinner and finally she finished with another insulin before bedtime.

Since it happened that she had a fall in blood pressure and became very tired, she was sure that people in her area knew about her situation and could help if needed. But no serious incident ever occurred.

Skilled doctors calm down

During pregnancy, Sarina had to undergo frequent checks at the specialist reception at Karolinska Hospital and she describes the doctors and midwives as enormously helpful and knowledgeable. Something that in turn made Sarina safe.

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– When Amanda was born, they kept an eye on her for the first few days and checked her values ​​to make sure she wasn’t affected. Which she wasn’t lucky either.

As with most other women suffering from gestational diabetes, the disorder disappeared after Amanda was born. But a few years later, when Sarina became pregnant with her second child, Gustav, the diabetes came back again. And the same routines and procedures regained momentum, but now Sarina was set on sure that she would certainly get diabetes and handled it well.

Increased risk of type 2 diabetes

Since the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes is increased in those who have had gestational diabetes, Sarina must exercise, eat healthy and keep the weight under control for the rest of her life. For Sarina does not want to suffer from diabetes again. Although it is a condition that you can live with, she would like to avoid the syringes if she can.

Everyday Puzzle

Today, Sarina lives with her husband and two children in a quiet residential area in Nälsta just outside Stockholm. Every week, she tries to squeeze in two to three fitness and strength training sessions between work, picking up children and cooking. Otherwise, life is pretty much sedentary because she sits in an office environment and works.

Concerns about suffering from diabetes again are in the back of your mind, but is not something that Sarina thinks about daily. She wants to exercise, eat healthy but well, lose a few pounds and feel good. Both for himself and his family.