Controls at BVC: Care Follows the Child’s Development

by | September 20, 2020

After the time at the BB department, it’s time to go home with the new family member.

From birth and BB, information is sent on how the birth has been and how the child is feeling, both to the midwife reception and the childcare center, BVC.

You always have the right to read your journal.
Often you can also get a copy on the journal if you ask for it.

Controls at BVC care follows the child's development

Visit to the midwife reception

Many times you have already agreed with your midwife about a visit there after returning home. If the parent group on your reception has a hit after the birth, it may already be booked.

The midwife usually does a post-check, 6-8 weeks after childbirth. Then a gynecological examination is done to check that everything is healed and rebuilt properly and talk about contraception.

Some midwives receive home visits within 10 days to give the mother an opportunity to talk through the experiences during childbirth and the feeling of being a parent in charge of a small child. The midwife can then also investigate any ruptures and take any. stitch.

Home visit

The BVC nurse usually hears relatively promptly to make an appointment for home visits. It usually happens during the first week at home. The nurse will then usually be able to provide information about BVC, advise on the care of your newborn child and perhaps talk about the parenting. You can of course contact the BVC at any time to inquire about everything related to the child’s care.

BVC is responsible for health checks of your child until school health care takes over responsibility when the child quits preschool and starts preschool class at age 6. Most often you meet the BVC nurse, but also the doctor from time to time. BVC’s basic program may differ slightly between different areas.

Age when the child is checked at BVC:

  • 0-8 weeks- visit to BVC about once a week. Development assessment, discussion breastfeeding issues.
  • 2-6 months – check once a month. Development assessment, vaccinations.
  • 6-12 months – check every two months. Development assessment, vaccinations.
  • 12-18 months – check every three months. Developmental assessment, interaction, child care issues are discussed.
  • 2.5 years of control – developmental assessment, language and speech, hearing, eye position. ‘
  • 4 years of control- development assessment, language and speech, hearing, vision.
  • 5 years of control – developmental assessment, health control, motor development, perceptual ability.