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Pregnant Week 21

Heartburn is not uncommon among pregnant women as the baby grows and begins to take more space. Here are the tips that will help. It starts to appear that you are pregnant and you probably start choosing spacious clothes. Get heartburn and acid reflux, avoid coffee, fatty foods and strong spices. The problems tend to… Read more »

Pregnant Week 20

Keep moving so much if you just have the strength. Suitable exercise is good for the baby and makes you well prepared for the rest of the pregnancy – and delivery. During the latter part of the pregnancy, many people have back problems. Such problems can to some extent be counteracted by all-round body training,… Read more »

Pregnant Week 19

Almost halfway through the pregnancy! Tired? It’s probably iron deficiency. Now the stomach is finally starting to look a little round, on some women the navel is starting to cushion slightly. If you are tired, it may be because your own blood levels are falling – the baby uses a lot of the iron you… Read more »

Pregnant Week 18

With the help of the ultrasound, you can now see your baby for the first time, and the little heart beating. Do you want to know the child’s gender or not? Around this week it is time for the first ultrasound examination ! Maybe it is only now that you can really assume that there… Read more »

Pregnant Week 17

A weight gain of two to five kilos is the average around week 17. But some pregnant women go up significantly more. Others lose weight because they measure badly for a long time. Now you probably notice that the clothes are starting to get cramped, most pregnant women have gained two to five kilograms in… Read more »

Pregnant Week 16

The increased amount of blood circulating in your body can have unexpected effects – for example, increased sex drive. The fetus is about 16 inches long in week 16, easy to remember. Hopefully you will now start to feel more alert, less tired than at the beginning of pregnancy. Women who have given birth to… Read more »

Pregnant Week 15

The fetus will start to hear your heartbeat. Inside the womb it is far from silent. Your waist is just about to disappear. It’s the way it should be – know how your body handles everything to help your little one develop in the best possible way. From now on, the uterus grows at a… Read more »

Pregnant Week 14

The nervous system and much more in the fetus develop especially during week 10 to 20. So be afraid of both yourself and the little one inside. Now you have probably started to get a small stomach. If you have already given birth to a baby, your stomach grows a little faster. You get a… Read more »

Pregnant Week 13

Have you ever felt a small splash in your stomach yet? Some women feel fetal movements as early as week 13. But usually it takes a little while, maybe until week 22 if you are a firstborn. Usually, expectant mothers gain weight by 300-400 grams a week during this time. The pregnant aerobics – is… Read more »

Pregnant Week 12

If you have been nausea then it probably starts to go over now, even the worst fatigue starts to bring with it. The risk of miscarriage decreases, nine out of ten miscarriages occur before week 12. Your uterus has grown, and the placenta has now taken over the supply of nutrition and oxygen to the… Read more »

Pregnant Week 11

Fatigue is the body’s way of asking you to take it easy. Now you may need to travel a little slower than usual because blood pressure is not always up to date. There is nothing on your stomach yet, but in other ways it is noticeable that you are pregnant. There is nothing on your… Read more »

Pregnant Week 10

The embryo has become a fetus. The tail is gone and the face is getting its shape. Now the embryo period is over – growing life is now called the fetus. Its face is beginning to look human, with a high rounded forehead and a small nose. The tail is gone. The placenta is about… Read more »

Pregnant Week 9

A little bleeding does not mean miscarriage, but contact your midwife if you are in pain. During pregnancy, the body changes in many different ways. Heartburn and acid reflux are common. The risk of holes in the teeth increases during pregnancy. The gums bleed more easily. Even the hair quality can change. Increased movements of… Read more »

Pregnant Week 8

Slow stomach, heartburn and other pregnancy disorders can make life sour during pregnancy. Around week 8 you will be called to enrollment call at the maternity care center, MVC. The uterus is now about the size of an orange. And there is a lot going on in the pregnant body, hormone adjustments and pregnancy disorders.… Read more »

Pregnant Week 7

Pregnant week 7 During week 7, many pregnant women start to feel ill and have difficulty getting food. Others are gaining weight now. Some pregnant women are starting to gain weight already. Others feel sick and vomit, and lose pounds instead. If you feel unwell, try eating lots of smaller meals during the day. You… Read more »

Pregnant Week 6

The embryo is big like a pea. Maybe you have started to feel the first signs of pregnancy. Now the levels of the hormone progesterone in your pregnant body are increasing. You may start to feel tired, nausea and other classic pregnancy ailments. You may notice that you have to go and pee more often… Read more »

Pregnant Week 5

In week 5, you might do a pregnancy test that shows what you already suspect – that you are really pregnant. In that case, the small embryo has become a few millimeters long. Most pregnancy tests work in the same way and give a positive result if the level of a hormone – hCG –… Read more »

Pregnant Week 4

Now the period has not gone away and you may start to suspect that you are pregnant. You can do a pregnancy test, but the test response will be safer if you wait until week 5. Whether you know it or not, exciting things happen in your body if you are pregnant. The cell division… Read more »

Pregnant Week 3

It is during what later in pregnancy is usually called week 3 that the miracle itself usually happens – the sperm fertilization of the egg. The egg is fertilized in the fallopian tube just inside its “funnel”. The sperm reach the egg from the outside and a sperm penetrates. After 30 hours, the fertilized egg… Read more »

Pregnant Week 0 – 2

During the first two weeks of pregnancy, you are not really pregnant yet. The first day of menstruation is regarded as the first day of pregnancy, which can be a little confusing. Pregnancy weeks are usually given as week number + days in the next week, for example 5 + 2. Pregnancy week 0 +… Read more »