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By | July 23, 2022

Visas, fees, specific conditions for traveling to the territory (areas with increased risk for foreigners)

With effect from January 1, 2019, Cape Verde proceeded to abolish the visa requirement for citizens of EU countries when traveling with a stay of up to 30 days. To enter Cape Verde, a passport is required (taking into account the practice of airlines, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends a passport valid for at least 6 months after the end of the stay) and payment of an airport security tax of 3,400 Cape Verdean escudos (approx. 800 CZK or 31 EUR), which can be paid both through online registration within 5 days before departure at, and through a travel agency or upon arrival at the Cape Verde airport. For trips with a stay of more than 30 days, you can apply for a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Cape Verde in Berlin, which has diplomatic and consular jurisdiction for the Czech Republic, or onHonorary Consulate of the Republic of Cape Verde in Prague.

No vaccination is required for the trip to Cape Verde. The best way to travel to Cape Verde is with the Portuguese company TAP Air Portugal via Lisbon, or with Cabo Verde Airlines from Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Munich, Rome, Milan, Venice and Bergamo). Both air and ship transport are operated within the country.

According to, Cape Verde is far above average economically and politically compared to other West African countries. The security situation is calm. Recently, there has been a slight increase in crime, so it is necessary to exercise reasonable caution when staying in the capital. From a tourism point of view, standard caution is recommended.

 Conditions for employment of citizens from the Czech Republic

To employ foreigners, the following are required:

  • an employment contract with a Cape Verdean employer approved by the relevant member of the government responsible for the area of ​​work;
  • residence visa (multi-entry visa recommended);
  • in the case of a long-term employment relationship, it is necessary to apply for permanent residence through the Foreign Police Service (SEF); a permanent residence permit is granted after 3 years.

 Conditions for the use of local health care by Czech and EU citizens

A basic condition for a trip to Cape Verde is the conclusion of quality health insurance. It is necessary to count on payment of the treatment in cash. In the case of more serious health complications that allow transportation, it is recommended to fly to the Czech Republic.

The structure of the network of healthcare facilities in the Republic of Cape Verde corresponds to the needs of the domestic population and is a reflection of increased investments in the recent period:

  • 2 main hospitals: Hospital Agostinho Neto in Praia (Santiago Island), Hospital Baptista de Sousa in Mindelo (São Vicente);
  • 3 regional hospitals: Hospital Santiago Norte (Santa Catarina), São Filipe (Fogo), Ribeira Grande (Santo Antão) and Espargo (Sal);
  • 30 health centers: 3 in Praia, 2 in São Vicente and one in each of the other districts (except those where there are regional hospitals);
  • 5 reproductive health centers;
  • 34 infirmaries with medical personnel;
  • 113 infirmaries without medical personnel.

Larger private clinics are in the cities of Praia (Santiago), Mindelo (São Vicente) and the island of Sal, and offices of private general practitioners and specialists are also unevenly distributed.


Practical telephone numbers in the territory (emergency services, traffic police, firefighters, information lines, etc.)

  • Rescue -130
  • Firefighters – 131
  • Police – 132
  • National information line – 102

Internet information sources

Internet information sources

  • – signpost
  • – a guidebook focused on tourism
  • – business directory

Websites of major institutions

  • – Government
  • – National Assembly
  • – Ministry of Finance
  • – National Police
  • – Senior Directorate of Customs
  • – National Statistical Office
  • – Information Institute

Cape Verde Market Entry