Before the Birth

by | June 23, 2020

Before giving birth, it is good to have thought through carefully what to bring to the hospital and what people you want in the room. Find out how many you may bring, there may be different regulations in different hospitals.

If your partner is not to be with you, it may be good to bring someone else with whom you feel safe.

It can also be good to find out how to find the birth, and where to park your car if you go in your own car.

Hospitals may have different rules when it comes to visits. Find out what goes on in your hospital and tell relatives.

The more prepared you are, the calmer you will be.

Before the Birth

What to bring with you

When it’s time to give birth, you should first and foremost bring your maternal health record and ID documents.
It is also a good idea to bring toiletries, clean underwear, indoor shoes and a bathrobe. Also bring clothes for the baby.

In many hospitals, the child is photographed, at the parents’ request. The pictures are then posted on the internet, as “web bizs”, and then it can be nice with your own clothes. Also bring the equipment that the child should go home, adapted to the season and weather. If you want to go home early after delivery, be sure to bring a car seat.

If you want to listen to music, please bring your own favorite music. Listening to music during childbirth can seem soothing and relaxing. Or why not upbeat music, if you prefer!

If you do not have pain work, but are admitted to childbirth or BB for some other reason, such as starting, then it may be good to have something to read or some game. If you want a computer, you can consult with the hospital if you can connect to the internet.

Birth Plan

It is good to think about how you want your birth and discuss with your maternity midwife. Agree on what may be appropriate to write in your journal prior to childbirth. You can also write down to the midwife at childbirth what feels important to you and your partner. Do not be too detailed, it is difficult to completely plan your delivery and sometimes you have to change the planning.

Are you taking medicine?

If you are taking medicine, bring it with you – and inform the midwife about the medication.


If you are craving something special, bring it to birth. Nutrition is important. Ask the midwife what you can eat. It may also be good to bring something to the prospective father or another relative.

Would you like to call?

When the birth is over, most people want to share the happy news with others. Nowadays, you can generally use cell phones in hospitals, but there may be some restrictions on some departments. Of course, the best thing is to ask the staff – it can also be disruptive for other patients.


Many hospitals have a ban on visits to BB to avoid infection and to give the new family peace and quiet.