Austria Children and School

By | June 28, 2021

School in Austria

In Austria the elementary school is called Volksschule. The children start school there when they are six. Before that, the last year of kindergarten is mandatory.

After four years in elementary school, you either switch to the new middle school or the grammar school. The new middle school is completed after four years, the grammar school comprises eight school years. School is compulsory for nine school years – that is how long you have to attend school in any case.

The New Middle School only became a regular school in 2012. It has replaced the old secondary school. This process was completed in 2016. The early setting of the course at the age of ten is to be repealed by the new type of school. You can switch from the new middle school to the grammar school after the 8th grade. Check top-medical-schools to see schooling information in other European countries.

The grammar school is divided into the AHS lower level and the AHS upper level. AHS is the abbreviation for Grammar School. In order to be able to go to the AHS, a certain grade point average is necessary at the end of the 4th grade.

Those who successfully complete the grammar school receive the Matura. This is the name of the Abitur in Austria. A pupil with the school leaving certificate in his pocket is a high school graduate. The Matura can also be taken at a vocational secondary school (BHS), but only after 13 school years instead of 12.

In the 5th grade, students learn a first foreign language. That’s mostly English. In the grammar schools, a second foreign language follows from the 7th grade, either Latin or otherwise often French or Italian.

There are also grades in Austria, but only from 1 to 5. The 6 is omitted here! As in Germany, 1 is the best grade. The school year begins on the first or second Monday in September, depending on the state.

The summer holidays in Austria last nine weeks! But there are no autumn holidays either. In February there is one week of semester break, which in Germany is often called winter or certificate break. And the students in Austria also have Easter holidays, but only for one and a half weeks.

Children in Austria

Children in Austria don’t live much differently than in Germany. Incidentally, 14 percent of all Austrians are under 14 years of age. You enjoy swimming, playing soccer and winter sports. Almost all children learn to ski – with the mountains in front of the door, that’s a good idea. Many families also like to hike – the nearby Alps are also wonderful for this.

Other children have music as a hobby. Most Austrian children like to play outside, meet their friends, watch television or paint, read and play games on a console or on their mobile phones. And then of course school also takes up time. But there are nine weeks of summer vacation!

Then the families might go to Vienna and visit the Prater or Schönbrunn Zoo. Minimundus in Klagenfurt, a miniature world, is just as popular a destination as the Salzwelten in Salzburg or the Familypark in Burgenland.

The children in this country like to eat apple strudel and Kaiserschmarrn or a delicious schnitzel. Liquorice is less common than here – but not all German children like this black sweet either. And bread and butter and a sausage are also tasty with a snack! Many Austrian children have dirndls or lederhosen.

What are the names of the children in Austria?

And what are the names of the children in Austria? The most common surname is Gruber. This is followed by Huber, Wagner, Müller, Pichler, Moser and Steiner. Nowadays, girls are often called Anna, Sophie, Maria, Emilia, Elena, Emma, ​​Lena, Sarah, Mia or Laura. With the boys, as they say here, Lukas, David, Jakob and Elias top the hit list, followed by Maximilian, Alexander, Jonas, Paul, Tobias and Leon.

In the past, like everywhere, it was different. That’s why the children’s parents or grandparents are more likely to be called Doris, Birgit, Monika, Franz, Josef or Wolfgang.

Austria Children and School