Attractions of Komorov, Comoros

By | April 18, 2022

According to itypeusa, Comoros and its attractions are not as enticing as Asian or European ones. But at the same time, they may well be attractive for a tourist who wants to take a break from the hassle of a modern metropolis. The largest in the Comoros and the youngest city is Moroni. It is located on the island of Ngazidzha or Grand Comore. It is also known to the world as Port-au-Butre. A large colorful and vibrant bazaar is the main attraction of the capital. There are also many ancient mosques in the city. A popular place is the port of Medina, which in turn is an old Arab quarter. Lemons and oranges grow in the courtyards of houses. Near the shores of the harbor, boats and ships stretch, on which local residents go out to sea for fish. The city of Mitsuje is known for its woodworking workshops, which is located 11 km south of Medina. Boxes, handicrafts, carved doors are made from the most expensive types of local wood. Miduje is also famous for its ancient tombstones, on which a skillful ornament is made. The locals believe that there is a saint lying under one of the slabs. This saint made a promise to protect the inhabitants of that village from evil spirits where his remains are buried. The beautiful Sultan’s Palace can be seen in the main town of Nzvani Mutsamudu. But the picturesque waterfalls of Dzyankundre are located not far from the city center. It is also recommended to visit the plant for the production of alcoholic beverages in Bombois. Here they prepare wines and rums based on the fruits of ylang-ylang. Also a popular walking tour around the ancient city of Hari-i-Mooji. There are many different ancient palaces of the 17th-18th centuries, in which the descendants of the sultans still live. Well, holidaymakers are very interested in national holidays. In turn, the holidays are mainly associated with the religious traditions of Islam. Here is one example. Apart from Nzvani, you will not see anywhere else how they celebrate the “Grand Marriage” (“Big Wedding”), the celebration of which lasts for 18 days. The groom often after such a wedding remains in poverty for the rest of his life, as he pays for the ceremony, to which all residents and dowry are invited.  But only in this way can he earn his respect and social status.

National cuisine Comoros

A colorful mixture of Indian, Arabic, African and French culinary traditions is the cuisine of the Comoros. Most local dishes are based on a combination of meat and rice, which are richly flavored with various local spices. Various seafood and fish make up almost half of the entire gastronomy of Comoros. In island cuisine, vanilla and various citrus fruits are widely used in the preparation of “sea dishes”, which is a characteristic feature. All restaurants offer a huge selection of fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh fruits and quite Arabic sweets are usually served for dessert. Of the drinks, the most popular are fresh juices with ice, coffee and tea of fairly good quality.


There is no railway or road network on the islands. There is only sea and air communication between all the islands. And it is also very irregular. The city of Moroni has an international airport.


In terms of security, Komoros is a fairly calm country. For the most part, Comorians are very calm and honest people. Violent crimes are quite rare. But at the same time, cases of petty theft and fraud are quite common, since the general standard of living in the country is low. Pickpockets can be concentrated in places where tourists can stay. In provincial and port areas, drug-related crimes are quite widespread. However, any person found guilty of drug possession or smuggling, regardless of nationality, will automatically be sentenced to 4 to 5 years in prison. And after that, a fine is imposed, the amount of which depends on the amount of drugs found on him, and then expelled from the country. It is not recommended to defiantly show expensive video and photographic equipment, documents or valuables. Walking alone at night through the streets should not be, as well as leaving personal belongings unattended. It is recommended that you always have a photocopy of your passport with you, and keep the original passport, money and airline tickets in a safe place, for example, in a safe in a hotel. It is also not recommended to take pictures of local residents without first obtaining their consent.

Attractions of Komorov, Comoros