9 Reasons to Visit Georgia

By | May 3, 2022

1. Tbilisi

All the wealth of monuments and sights of Tbilisi is divided between two parts of the city. This is the historical center “Old Town” and Rustaveli Avenue. It is here that the most interesting objects of history and architecture are concentrated. According to itypemba.com,¬†Tbilisi is the capital city of¬†Georgia.

The historical center of Tbilisi “Old Town” is located at the foot of Mount Mtatsminda. This is really the ancient part of the city itself, which has preserved narrow, brick-paved streets, running up and down, where you can see the ruins of medieval buildings. Rustaveli Avenue. This is the central street of the city, named after the famous poet of Georgia – Shota Rustaveli (since 1918). Rustaveli is the main artery of the city, along which the life of the city flows.

2. Black Sea coast

Rest on hot summer days on the Black Sea Riviera, in the city of Batumi – a paradise – Adjara. Adjara is the most beautiful part of Georgia. This is a miracle located on the coast, which organically combines bewitching mountain and sea landscapes. Along the Black Sea coast there are the most beautiful seaside resorts and resort areas: Pichvnari, Kobuleti, Bobokvati, Chakvi, Tsikhisdziri, Cape Verde, Makhinjauri, Batumi, Gonio, Kvariati and Sarpi. As well as Ureki and Grigoleti – magnetic healing sands.

3. Georgian hospitality, toasts

Once in Georgia, you simply must visit the traditional Georgian feast – Supra! In Georgian, “Supra” is an ordinary tablecloth, but in fact it is something more than an ordinary feast – it is a meeting of people of different generations, where everyone gets the opportunity to wish their neighbor to live a long and healthy life. The venerable toastmaster, who personally knows all the guests invited to the holiday and manages the feast from beginning to end, will captivate you with old toasts and surround you with traditional Georgian hospitality.

What a feast without toasts – and in Georgia they are especially interesting. Each toast is unique, and not only does not repeat, but also conveys to us some specific thought, idea, or story. A successful toast can drag on for 5-10 minutes, and this will be considered a sign of success. Take a notebook with you and write down successful toasts – we are sure that someday they will come in handy for you.

4. National Georgian cuisine

This is a real celebration of taste, where even the most sophisticated connoisseur of gourmet foods will find a dish to their liking! Georgian cuisine in its recipes and the ideology of preparing dishes is based on the contrast of spicy and spicy, and its feature, like any national one, is the use of certain products common in the Caucasus, thanks to which certain dishes appear, the popularity of which has gained worldwide fame.

Plates of food that are placed on top of each other in 3-4 – 5 layers along the entire table – this is normal, and not even very much. Georgian cuisine is rich in dishes of meat, dough, nuts, mushrooms and more. Be sure to try khinkali – meat in a bag of dough, as well as churchkhela – a sweet paste in which nuts are wrapped.

5. Recovery and treatment in Georgia

The mild climate, the cleanest air, the abundance of thermal springs and deposits of healing mud and the beaches of the Black Sea coast are the main factors of Georgia’s healing.

Georgian resorts are divided into balneological, balneo-climatic, mountain-climatic and high-mountain ones. Popular health resorts: Borjomi, Utsera, Sairme, Kiketi, Kojori, Tsagveri, Jama, Batumi, Ureki. The medical season here, as a rule, lasts from June to September, although the resort welcomes guests all year round.

Borjomi is not just the national pride of Georgia, it is something taken for granted and an integral part of the image that this country creates. After intense walks, lunches and excursions, this is exactly what you need to gain strength. If you have the opportunity, visit the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, located near the town of Borjomi, where you can see the valley.

6. Ski resorts

On the territory of Georgia, there is the largest and highest mountain range in Europe. There are three ski resorts here: Gudauri, Bakuriani and Mestia. Gudauri is located at an altitude of more than 2 km in the very center of the great Caucasus. There are excellent snow covers, in some places the thickness reaches more than two meters. You can start relaxing here from December to the end of April.

Bakuriani is located in the Lesser Caucasus at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level. The thickness of the snow cover here is on average 60 cm, but the winter is not severe – sunny and windless. The season runs from November to March.

Mestia is located at a distance of one and a half hours by car from Tbilisi. The height of the lower station of Hatsvali is 1865 m, the upper station of Zuruldi is 2347 m. The unique feature of the resort is that it is year-round.

7. Cradle of winemaking

For many centuries, winemaking has been not only the basis of the economic and wealth of Georgia, but also a part of its spiritual culture. Wine for a Georgian is not just a drink. His attitude is more of a religious one. Wine strengthens the national spirit, unites guests of traditional Caucasian feasts. The vine is sung in Georgian legends, legends and songs. Wine in Georgia is a national treasure that attracts tourists from all over the world.

8. Georgian culture

Georgia is a country with the oldest and richest original culture, the thickness of which extends into the depths of millennia. Knowledge about it and recognition of its wealth has long crossed national borders and reached the international level, as it is a cultural heritage and heritage of all mankind.

Georgian monumental architecture, music, book miniatures, rich spiritual and secular literature, colorful soulful dances, works of jewelers, engravers and artists, and of course the hospitable and hospitable Georgian people, all this is part of the ancient country.

9. Temples

Georgia is a very religious country, perhaps even more religious than Ukraine. The churches we visited during our journey – no matter how big or small, new or old – were always full of believers. Georgian Orthodoxy was founded not one of the first – in the 1st century AD. Christianity was brought to Georgian lands by Andrew the First-Called, a part of whose relics is kept in Tbilisi.

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