5 Reasons to Visit Japan

By | May 9, 2022
  1. Traditions

Japan is rich in its traditions and customs, so it is simply impossible to list them all. Over the years, a sense of beauty has been cultivated in Japan, which has become something like a religious worship of beauty. From here arise such traditions as: khanami – admiring flowers; tsukimi – admiring the moon; yukimi – admiring the snow. The Japanese themselves believe that their sense of beauty, which is passed down from generation to generation, is the property of the Japanese people, which foreigners can only admire.┬áSee Countryvv for labor market in Japan.

The traditional tea ceremony (chanoyu) is one of the unique arts and customs. Tyanoyu is a strictly scheduled ritual in which a tea master participates, who brews tea and pours it, and those who are present at the same time and then drink it. There are many forms of the tea ceremony in Japan, but only a few are strictly established: night tea, sunrise tea, evening tea, morning tea, afternoon tea, special tea.

  1. Hanami

Sakura is a symbol of Japan and Japanese culture. Images of the flower are used everywhere: on the headdresses of students and the military, on coins, in denominations of 100 yen, on the coats of arms of the police and the armed forces. Sakura is also a symbol of female beauty and youth.

If you are lucky enough to be in Japan during the cherry blossom season (late March – early April), then you will not remain indifferent to the ancient tradition of Hanami – admiring flowers.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is an event of national importance. Picnics and festivities are organized in the parks. Flowering lasts no more than a week under favorable conditions. But only one gust of wind is able to pluck a tiny delicate flower from the branches of a Japanese cherry tree. That is why the withering of cherry blossoms is symbolic for the Japanese, personifying the transience of life, but not diminishing its significance.

  1. Kitchen

One of the reasons to visit the country is the now famous cuisine. I think any gourmet will agree: if you haven’t tried authentic Japanese cuisine, you don’t know how it tastes. Special vouchers are offered, focusing their attention on the national cuisine. So, you will have the opportunity to visit well-known places where you will be offered wonderful dishes. And, returning home, you can confidently call yourself a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine.

  1. Meditation

The Japanese are famous for their fortitude. Do you want to plunge into the atmosphere of Zen Buddhism? Take a break from routine problems, relax and enrich yourself spiritually? You can go on a tour of the monasteries of Japan. In addition to standard excursions, you may be offered to stay in one of the monasteries. There you can meditate along with the monks and feel the spiritual power of Zen Buddhism, plunging into the sacred atmosphere of Japan.

  1. Attractions

The sights of Japan can be listed for a very, very long time. Let’s start with the capital of Japan – Tokyo. While here, you should definitely visit the Imperial Palace, Tosegu Shrine, the ancient Rikushen and Hibiya parks. The city has a large number of museums for every taste, so you will not leave disappointed. Nara is the main Buddhist center of Japan. Here you should pay attention to the famous Big Buddha temple.

Tourists come here as an endless descendant to look at the huge Buddha statue. Also, do not deprive attention of the ancient temple of Horyuji, the construction of which dates back to 616. There is also a deer park nearby. The animals there are tame, so they easily let tourists in.

Fuji is one of the symbols of the “Land of the Rising Sun”. This is the famous, one of the most beautiful on earth, dormant volcano. Hakone is a resort famous for its hot springs and amazing picturesque places. Kamakura is one of the oldest cities in Japan (1192). The main attraction of the city is the Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine. Near the temple there are two ponds – Heike and Genji. Their remarkableness is justified by the fact that white lotuses grow in the Genji pond, and red lotuses grow in the Heike pond.

Japan is a beautiful country. If you are even a little interested in it, then you can easily find many more reasons to go on a trip to the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

5 Reasons to Visit Japan