In Sweden, about six percent of all children are born “prematurely”, which means before 37 weeks of completed pregnancy. In most cases, these premature babies are doing just fine. Swedish neonatal care (newborn care) has developed a lot and is today among the most prominent in the world. This means that the vast majority of… Read more »

Postpartum Depression

Psychological changes when the child is born can give rise to what is sometimes called “maternity blues”. During the first week after childbirth, up to 40-80 percent of all new mothers experience psychological symptoms – however, it is NOT the same as birth depression. Mental symptoms often occur within 3-4 days after the baby is… Read more »

The Body after Pregnancy and Childbirth

Your body has gone through a lot – a long pregnancy and then a birth. As long as you remain in the hospital, the staff can help and advise on bleeding, for example, and dare to go to the toilet if you have had sutures in the genital area. In the past, new mothers lay… Read more »

Toddler Parents Sex

Hug at least once a day, tune in to a love meeting in the kitchen, look each other deep in the eyes and whisper beautiful words in your ear. An increased dose of sensualism is the best medicine for preventing divorces among new parents. Tone Ahlborg, midwife, university teacher and author of the book Lust… Read more »

Dictionary for the First Infant

Coming home with a small newborn baby can feel both annoying and nervous. Here is some in-depth reading about infants, which can facilitate after their return home. Supine Infants sleeping on their back is safer, as the child may otherwise roll over from side to stomach. Research shows that the risk of sudden infant death… Read more »

How to Start Breastfeeding

The first days of breastfeeding are about a change for the child outside the womb. The child wants to be close and feels calm about getting sucked on the breast. Most newborn babies tend to be awake and spike between one and two and a half hours after childbirth. Feel free to start breastfeeding during… Read more »

Pregnant Week 41 – 42

Sure, it’s hard to be heavy, and to just wait. But there are benefits to being pregnant a little extra long. Some children simply do not want to come out after 40 weeks. They, for some reason we do not know, stay for a while in the stomach. The child continues to gain weight and… Read more »

Pregnant Week 40

It’s time for childbirth at any time, and you’re probably impatient. But that may well be delayed – only after week 42 are children considered “overburdened”. The labor pains can be expected to insert at any time. But if you are a first-time nurse, it may take a few days – or weeks – for:… Read more »

Pregnant Week 39

If you are expecting your first child, you are likely to go a little over time. However, midwives often give birth two to three days before the postponed delivery date. Most women at this time are quite tired of being so heavy, and look forward to childbirth. Impatience can be mixed with both expectation and… Read more »

Pregnant Week 38

Now the baby is completely complete and can be born at any time. Below you will find tips on how to distinguish between prelines and labor. To give birth between week 37 + 0 and up to week 41 + 6 is considered quite normal in time. And for those of you expecting twins, it’s… Read more »

Pregnant Week 37

When the uterus drops slightly it becomes easier to breathe again. But the downward pressure, towards the bladder, probably means that you have to pee more and more often. You may have richer removals now. It is good to check that it is not amniotic fluid that seeps out – consult your midwife. Holes in… Read more »

Pregnant Week 36

Now the uterus is at its highest. It can be difficult to sleep properly, so rest often during the day. It is time to have a delivery bag ready and packed. Probably it will be more difficult and more inconvenient to go now. The uterus is at its highest during pregnancy, reaching right up to… Read more »

Pregnant Week 35

Rest, walk… prepare for the birth! It may feel good to read about pain relief and to write a delivery letter at this time. Now you gain weight faster, up to just over half a pound each week. Maybe you will have increasing difficulty with heartburn and other pregnancy ailments, and your stomach will feel… Read more »

Pregnant Week 34

Not far to the birth! If the baby were to be born now, it usually has no problem getting outside the womb. Many people start to think more and more about feeling anxious about something happening. It is normal and completely normal, even worry is a way to prepare mentally. If you have a heavy… Read more »

Pregnant Week 33

If you can handle yourself as usual, your body needs about 300 extra calories per day. It is the equivalent of a snack with, for example, a plate of film milk with a few cereals, a sandwich and an apple. Please read our tempting nutrition tips for you and the baby. Although the stomach is… Read more »

Pregnant Week 32

The baby trains their lungs by breathing down amniotic fluid in them. Often it gets hiccups – which you feel in your stomach yourself. The fluid in the pulmonary vesicles is first squeezed out at birth. Take advantage of the time left to give birth to balance, mentally and physically before what you eat and… Read more »

Pregnant Week 31

It is only about ten weeks left of pregnancy and you start to get heavy in the future. Reduce the risk of back problems by trying to have a good posture but not too weak. Less nausea but more motionless? It is still good to move, for example by walking or light exercise. Rest and… Read more »

Pregnant Week 30

Pain, breasts that started to leak colostrum and small kicks visible on the stomach. Now the birth is approaching. Some kids kick more, others stay pretty calm. Small bulges on your round belly can be a foot, an elbow or a baby’s tail. There is less and less room left over for your own organs… Read more »

Pregnant Week 29

Your stomach grows every week. During the last third of pregnancy, most pregnant women go up to 1-3 pounds a month. Now your partner and other people can feel the baby’s movements if they put a hand on their stomach when the baby kicks or turns. The stomach can bulge visibly on one side depending… Read more »

Pregnant Week 28

If you feel short of breath, it is not just because you are a little extra heavy. You also need more oxygen than normal. Most of the pregnancy is already completed! But you’re probably starting to feel heavy. The fact that you are more easily breathable depends not only on the extra pounds, but also… Read more »